Himalaya Herbals: Pure Hands Hand Sanitizers Review

Do you travel often ?? Then a hand sanitizer is a must for you. I love travelling so a hand sanitizer is a constant staple of my bag ….One that smells good and is effective in cleaning. 

Recently Himalaya Herbals brand sent me 3 hand sanitizers in variants – Litchi, Green Apple and Lemon Fragrance. Today i am going to review these Hand Sanitizers. Read on to know my experience.

Pure Hands Hand Santizer Review

What the brand says about the product? 
The first of its kind, Himalaya’s PureHands is an effective, herbal, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which kills 99.9% of germs, prevents infection, and ensures total hand hygiene.

PureHands contains extracts of herbs like Coriander, which have potent antimicrobial properties and Lime, which is a natural bactericidal. In addition, the active ingredients of Neem, which are antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral, safely keep viruses, bacteria and fungi at bay.

Key Ingredients: Hrivera, Coriander, Lime, Ushira, Neem. 

Directions of use: Squeeze approximately 0.5 ml (coin-sized drop) of the gel on your palms. Rub well over the palms, back of hands, fingernails and grooves briskly, until dry. No water is required after use.

PureHands is absolutely safe for regular use. It contains moisturizers that prevent skin irritation. TheProduct has been clinically tested, and its safety and efficacy is proven.

Price: 80rs for 100ml.

Expiry: 2 years from mfg date

Packaging: It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip cap. All the information regarding the product is mentioned behind the bottle. 

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer in Litchi –

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer Review – Litchi Variant

The litchi variant is pink in colour and smells purely of litchi. The smell is so juicy that i have an urge to smell it again and again. The smell lingers on my hand for quite some time which i love absolutely. Among all the 3 variants this has to be my favourite.

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer In Lemon Fragrance-

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer Review – Lemon Fragrance

This one is transparent and smells of lemon. The fragrance is very light and mild. My mom quite liked this variant and decided to keep it for herself 🙂

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer In Green Apple:

Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer Review – Green Apple

This is green in colour and honestly i did not like its smell much. So this has to be my least favourite. I am going to pass it on to my sister. 😁 

The consistency of these hand sanitizers is medium. They are not gel type but a little watery. They do the job of cleaning hands very well without drying out them. They dont feel sticky on my hands and get absorbed quickly. You just need 2 peanut size amount for both the hands. All the 3 hand santizers have their respective colours as per the variants. I totally recommend these hand sanitizers. 


  • Maximum Protection
  • Effective
  • Does not dries out hand
  • Safe for regular use
  • Gets absorbed quickly
  • Non sticky
  • Herbal
  • Decently Priced
  • Travel friendly

Rating 5/5


Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer Review & Swatches

Hey Sassy Ladies, Today i am going to do a quick review of lip moisturizers from ISLAND KISS . Winter or not lip care products are a must.There’s not a day when i dont apply a lip moisturizer. Its a must for me and i am sure for you too. Lips being the ‘center of attraction’ of your face its very important that you keep them moisturised. Nobody likes dry &  chapped lips. Also… Having a lip balm is not enough but having a good lip balm that instantly moisturizes your lips is a must.

Well let me tell you that Island Kiss is an indian brand that had already launched back in 2015 with 3 variants of Lip Moisturizers. I have reviewed them on my blog. You can read it HERE

Recently Island kiss launched 2 new variants of lip moisturizers – 1) Black Rose & Grenade Rouge. 2) Flamingo Pink & Peonies. 

The lip moisturizer comes in a tube with a screw cap and has a slant applicator which enables easy application. The tube comes inside a cardboard box. The packaging looks so Inviting and Sexy such that it will tempt you to buy it. And just like the packaging the names of the lip moisturizers are pretty alluring.

The Lip Moisturizers are

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Pure
  • Organic
  • Cruelty free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Petroleum Free
  • Non Toxic
  • Safe
  • Provides Sun Protection

Price – 499Rs (Price is same for both the variants)

Size – 14gms

Best Before – 36 months 

Ingredients – 

  • Tropical kokum
  • Avocado & Mango Butter
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Stevia
  • Organic carrot seed oil
  • Pure castor oil
  • Rich vitamin E oil
  • Macadama nut oil
  • Black rose essential rose (Variant – Black Rose & Grenade Rouge)
  • Pomegranate seed oil (Variant – Black Rose & Grenade Rouge)
  • Citrus essential oil ( Variant- Flamingo pink & peonies)
  • Peony Essential oil  (Variant- Flamingo pink & peonies)
  • Natural Organic colour

The Black Rose & Grenade Rouge  gives a nice pinkish red  tint and smells purely of rose. I love the smell since its soothing & not strong but also stays on for a longer time.

The Flamingo Pink & Peonies gives a baby pink tint making your lips look like they are naturally pink. I can’t really make out what it smells like but the smell is good for sure. Not strong but soothing. Since it contains Peony essential oil i guess the smell must be of that. 

My Experience – The Lip Moisturizers glides easily on the lips and gives them an instant shot of hydration making lips super soft.Its smooth on the lips and not sticky at all. I love touching my lips again and again because they appear that soft. It keeps my lips hydrated for a good 4-5 hours without drinking or eating anything. I love how it instantly revives badly chapped lips…..Also that it contains natural ingredients that are good enough to eat 😁The smell is also soothing and not strong. The way it feels on my lips i feel like applying it often.

Rating 5/5

I totally recommend these Lip Moisturizers from Island Kiss ♥

Discount Alert – Island kiss is launching on Amazon and Theres a 50% off on Island Kiss Lip Moisturizers from 3rd to 10thfeb only on Amazon. So this is a pretty good chance to grab your Island Kiss at half the original price. Dont miss it out girls. Its a once in a lifetime offer. ☺

Find Island kiss on –

Instagram – @myislandkiss

Facebook – Island Kiss

Twitter –  myislandkiss


Skin18.com – Beauty Friends Potato Essence Mask & Luke Hyaluron Essence Mask Review

Hello Readers,

I know i have been MIA from the blog for quite some time now thats because i wasn’t keeping well. Now i am feeling a little better and its good to be back in action.I have a lot of posts pending so expect back to back blog posts from me. 

So after being back in action the first thing that i decided to review is sheet masks from Skin18.com I tried out 2 sheet masks, both from different brands. One from Luke and the other from Beauty FriendsII. 

Beauty Friends II potato essence mask- I decided to try the potato mask first since i wasnt familiar with the other one. This potato mask is from brand Beauty Friends II. Just so that you now there are 22 types of masks from Beauty friends. One of then being Potato Essence Mask.

This Potato Essence mask contains potato extracts that helps the skin absorb nutrients which in turn helps to deeply moisture the skin. It helps to repair damanged and rough skin. Also helps in getting rid of dark and puffy areas. 

My Experience: The pack contains a single sheet.Unlike other sheet masks that i have used this one wasn’t overloaded with essence. I applied on the face and kept it on for 15mintues. I did not notice and irritation while the mask sat on my face. After 15 minutes i decided to take off the mask. After taking off i massaged the excess essence into my face. You dont need to wash the dace after removing the mask. That’s the best part of these sheet masks. My skin felt softer and highly moisturised. My face was looking so fresh and bright. It helped me get rid of dullness. This sheet mask has now become one of my favourite. Apart from this  aloe soothing mask from Four seasons and Moisturising cucumber pack from purederm are my extreme favourite. 

You can buy this Potato Essence mask from HERE Trust me you are going to love this one. 

Luke Hyaluron Essence Mask- The next sheet mask that i tried is hyaluron essence mask from Luke. Honestly i had no idea what i was putting on my face. I dont know what hyaluron means. So before using i decided to google the same and what i read is that its a hyaluronic acid which is used as a ingredient in many facial creams. That it has great restoration properties & can boost skin’s moisture content. It also helps in lubricating skin layers making skin smoother and softer. 

 My Experience – As usual i cleaned my face and applied the mask. Did not feel any irritation. After 15minutes i removed the mask and massaged excess essence into my face. It refreshes the skin and improves its elasticity. It gives an Instant shot of moisturisation to my skin. At first i was a bit hesitant to use it but after using i simply like it. Though i am not going to try this again. You can buy and know more about the mask HERE

So thats all for now. If you ask me which mask you should go for i would definitely recommend the potato one. 

Think Frill: Duchess Coffer ( Period Subscription Box) Review

Hey Everyone i request you all to click HERE and read the introduction about the thinkfrill’s La Coffer period subscription box before you start reading the review of the Duchess Coffer box 🙂 i have written and explained everything in simple on the introduction post so that you dont get confused while placing an order for your La coffer subscription box 🙂

So i hope you have read the introduction. Now lemme start with the review.

           ~~~  Duchess Coffer ~~~
Duchess coffer is the first among the three subscription boxes.
This is the coffer for all the minimalists out there – no frills or overly fancy additions. Just the simple menstrual care box.



The Duchess Coffer box is pink in colour and has polka dots design on it.The box material is cartoon. The box looks very pretty and girly. Sure to drive away your period blues. Now as you open the box you can see the contents of the box neatly packed with a butter paper.


As soon as you open the butter paper ⬇


The Duchess coffer contains
• Sanitary Supplies (As per your plan)
• Kronokare Lavender body lotion worth 115rs
• Tempo Sanitizer worth 20rs
• Jolly Rancher Lollipop ( 2 pieces ) 2 different flavour Mango and Strawberry
• Typhoo Tea ( 3 pieces) 3 different flavours Classic, Jasmine & Moroccan mint
• Discount coupons from Mac D, pizza hut and domino’s
• Bonjour Mini Magazine
• Information Pamplet


Kronokare Lavender Lotion- Kronokare products are amazing. Being SLS and paraben free the lotion is going to make you look & feel great. Its floral scent will help you relax all throughout the day.

Typhoo Green Tea- Green Tea will help you stay active. It also helps with the cramps

Jolly Rancher Lollipops- Chocolates are always a better option. So while you are in pain just lie down and suck on this lollipops. You are going to feel much much better 😁 You will almost forget that you are on your period. I love the lollipops. Taste good 🙂

Tempo Sanitizer- Keeping your hands clean is very important not only during periods but other times also. This sanitizer can be of great use if you are travelling or heading out during your period. Hygiene first you know ! The small bottle of sanitizer will fit right into your wallet or pocket.

Discount Coupons from Mac D, Dominos, Pizza hut – If you feel like pampering yourself a little more.
However i really dont like this coupons. They have many restrictions.


Final Words ~~
Looking at the contents i think the box is not at all costly. Its worth subscribing. Go ahead and subscribe your box now.

Order your box HERE

Handcrafted soaps from Soap Factory- Introduction & Review

Recently i came across a brand called SOAP FACTORY on facebook which sells handcrafted soaps. I am very fond of handmade soaps especially when they look extra cute and smells wonderful. Soap Factory is a brand based in Mumbai and owned by jayshree Rukhana. They have the cutest handmade soaps in different sizes, shapes and colours. The soaps are totally free from parabens & sles. So there is less of foam. They use a lot of olive oil..castor oil…coconut oil..grapeseed oil…along with Shea butter n cocoa butter. Colors are either cosmetic colors which are skin safe…but mostly edible colors are used…due to which they turn duller if kept for long. Fragrances as well as essential oils are used wherever possible. Their price range starts from 50rs for a bar of 75gms. However prices may vary depending upon the size and shape of soaps. They also make customised soap hampers for baby showers, return gifts, wedding favours etc.

I received few soaps from Soap Factory in different variants like strawberry, lavender, green apple, neem, almond, peach, orange, lime and few more. All of the soaps smells just amazing. The smell is not overpowering. Each of the soaps have their own unique smell & colour. Have a look

Out of all these the soaps i have used Green Apple, lavender, orange & Strawberry. I am yet to use the remaining soaps.

Green Apple soap

Lavender, strawberry, orange soaps

These soaps comes wrapped inside intact paper and has the brand name and the soap name written on it. No other information regarding price, weight, ingredients, expiry has been mentioned.

My Experience These soap feels extremely smooth on my skin and doesn’t lathers much as it is free from chemicals. It cleanse the skin very well. It did not dry out my skin & is very gentle on skin.
I kept these soaps near my bedside table and whenever i sat there i could smell their amazing fragrance all the time. Totally loving these soaps.

You can place your order on their facebook page https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=793529224053422&tsid=0.5386815045494586&source=typeahead

Moha: Foot Care Cream Review

Cracked heels are a common problem and we often ignore it. Due to which the skin around the heels becomes dry, thick & rough. It is therefore very important to keep your heels moisturized especially during winters as direct exposure to cold weather can cause more dryness. Using a footcream daily can help you prevent dry & cracked heels. One must give equal attention to foot skin as much as one gives to face skin. If you want to have instant results on your cracked heels then this post is for you.
Today i bring a review of one such foot care cream which is effective as well as affordable. Its the Moha’s foot care cream. I had already introduced you guys to the brand moha in my previous post where i had reviewed a soap from their range. Today i am reviewing a foot care cream from their range. Now get Happy Feet with Moha’s foot care cream☺



Packaging: The cream comes inside a squeeze tube with a flip cap. The tube comes inside a cardboard box. The design on the cardboard box and that on the tube is of images of active ingredients in the cream. i.e papaya, aloe, peppermint. The packaging is beautiful & decent.

Ingredients & Direction of use:



Price: 163rs For 100g
Best before: 3 years from mfg date.

What the product claims?
Endowed with papaya & aloe gel, it luscious, creamy formula soothes away calluses & cracks, leaving your feet smooth & soft.


Papaya & aloe join hands to give your feet the soft texture you crave with moha’s luxurious foot cream.

My experience:
The cream is off white in colour & has a thick consistency & creamy texture. It gets absorbed into the skin on massaging and does not makes the feet greasy. It has a mint kinda smell which some of you may not like. The smell of this cream stays on my fingers for sometime even after washing my hands which i dont like. However the smell is not over powering. I wanted to know whether this cream works on major cracked & dry heels therefore I first made my mom use this cream since she had ugly cracks & tough skin on her heels. Within two days of using it she noticed the difference. Her foot skin felt soft & smooth and the cracks were less visible as compared to before. The tough skin on her heels soften and became less dry. Due to which her heels now doesnt hurts while walking as it use to before. She applies the cream once daily during bedtime and is quite happy with the reults. It also makes her feet look clean and new.
Its a soothing footcream which nourishses & softens hard dry skin. Also its good for daily use and priced decently and from such an excellent brand Moha. I totally recommend it.

Buy the cream from here http://www.charak.com/shop/personal-care/moha-foot-care-cream/


We all love bows…Dont we ? They are fun , pretty and trendy. They can instantly make you look prettier, cute and girly☺🎀. I am kinda obsessed with bows. Though i dont wear them very often i have an urge to buy more and more bows whenever i see them in stores .Recently i collaborated with an online store MY_HEIGH_PONY on instagram selling pretty bows. They are based in hydrebad. I got some pretty bows from their collection. Let me show you what all i received.


This is what all i received. Pretty much ?? You can WIN these bows ….How??… Just keep on reading 😁 The bows are really pretty with bright & fun colours. However the pin was not properly sticked to the bows .So it came off easily and was loose on my hair. In case you make a purchase with them just ask them to stick the pin to the bow.☺The bow ring was perfect and looks stylish when worn and its adjustable. They customize the bows as per your need. How cool is that ☺👌 Do shop with them 🙂

My BOWS story in Pictures 😁📷






Hope you loved my Bows Story 💜
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