Ecotique Sandal & Cedar Natural Handmade Soap Review

Hello Readers,

Today i am going to review yet another product from Ecotique. Its a Sandal & Cedar Tranquility soap… natural and handmade with love 🙂

Made from Sandalwood and Cedarwood the soap is blackish brown in colour. It has a smell that is not fancy but somewhat warm and bitter.  The soap comes packed in a transparent plastic and has a paper cover on it which contains all information about the soap. 

Priced at 299Rs for  100gm 
Shelf life – 2years from mfg date


Natural and Handmade with absolutely no nasties at all

My Experience

The soap  feels great on my skin. It lathers easily and does the job of cleansing well. Though it doesn’t smells fancy it gives a refreshing feel because it removes excess oil from the skin leaving it clean. I dont feel any major dryness on my skin  as i do after using chemical ladden soaps. This soap is a simple yet effective product which is gentle on the skin. The soap being natural dissolve easily so make sure you keep it in a dry place. The soap also contains honey which provides anti microbial benefits. 

Rating 5/5


The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Refirming lotion Review

If you have read my previous blog posts you might be knowing how much i love this brand TNC. Because their products stay true to its claims. Moreover their products are cruelty free and this makes me love them even more.
Today i am reviewing a product from their Aquaspark range. Its the Sea Fennel Refirming lotion.


What the product claims ?
Sea Fennel is brimming with minerals and vitamins that gives it natural refirming abilities. This lotion provides wholesome skin sustenance, giving your skin a worked-out, firm, toned look. Use it daily to moisturize and tone. Massage into your skin using circular motions. For best results concentrate on problem-prone areas like the thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach and upper arm or use after a work-out.

The lotion comes inside a transparent tube with a flip cap. The lotion has a runny consistency. Without even squeezing the tube the lotion comes out. The lotion has a dazzlingly fresh fragrance. Its loaded with sea fennel extract, olive oil, kokum butter, vit- E and is priced at 495rs for 125ml


I don’t really workout. So when i got this lotion i decided to ask the TNC team whether it can be used as a normal lotion and they said yes. I use this after a bath on my hands & back. The lotion on massaging gets easily absorbed into the skin giving it a luxurious and rich feeling. It makes my skin soft and supple & imparts a healthy glow to it. The lotion being very light doesnt feels heavy on the skin nor does it makes my skin oily. I love smelling my hands again and again after applying this lotion. But the smell remains only for half an hour or so. I love everything about this lotion. Its just perfect.

Do i recommend this ?
Yes totally.

Rating 5/5


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