Scarves Are Here To Stay –

Not all Superwoman wear capes….Some wear Scarves :mrgreen:

Scarf is an unseasonal accessory. You can carry them irrespective of what season it is. Today scarf is used more as an accessory rather than a requisite.

Recently i got myself a scarf from IRALZO 

A pretty floral scarf made of polyster fabric. The scarf is off white with blue floral print on it  and yellow & blue fringe tassel edges.The scarf is soft, light weight and comfortable. Being long and wide it can styled in many ways. It is Big enough to be wrapped around as a shawl. The material being polyster, it wont protect you from chilly breeze but it is warm enough for Mumbai Winters. What i love most about this scarf is the fringe tassel edges in bright colours  because this allows the scarf to be the focus. Though being a casual scarf it makes a big impact on an outfit. 

You can buy the scarf from HERE and also check out their rest of the scraf collection HERE

I love this scarf for it has my favourite colours yellow and blue and i totally love that fringe tassel thing. The scarf goes almost with every outfit. Here i have styled the scarf with a basic outfit – A jeans and a tee.

Thats all 🙂 Hope you loved this post. Do leave your comments & suggestions below. 


Ruffle All The Way –

The year 2016 has seen a lot of fashion trends such as Layering, off shoulder, Cold shoulder, Thigh high slits, Long Coats, Ruffles and so much more. Currently the Ruffle trend is ruling the fashion world. From coats to dresses to off shoulder tops & even shoes you will find Ruffles All The Way.

Its when, i came across a Ruffled top on that i decided to try out the Ruffle  Trend. 

A sleeveless ruffle top  in brown colour made of Moss Crepe frabic. Here have a look 

This ruffle top from iralzo is light and airy. The fit and the quality both are up to point. I totally love this ruffle top from iralzo. It gives an instant dose of style to your entire look. The ruffles gives a simple basic top a dramatic look. Here ruffle is the major point in the outfit. Imagine this top without ruffles, it would be nothing but a basic boring top and the entire look would be so dull. The ruffles starting at collar of the top and ending at hem lines gives a flouncy finish adding some drama to the top and some boost to your chest. With Iralzo i have mastered the ruffle trend in the most simplest way.

I was extremely happy when i got the top from Iralzo. It was all that i wished for. I was totally satisfied with the quality and the fit. I just couldnt get enough of this top.

 This top is priced at just 745rs. You can buy the top from HERE  You can find one more colour in this top on their website. So what are you waiting for ? Go to and invest in this trend. They have a super smooth delivery service. 

Key To My Heart – Rose gold pendant from Blinglane

Hello Readers,

As i said expect back to back blog posts from me, i am back with another post.

Few weeks back i received a pendant from  BLINGLANE. A Pendant with shape of a key and Rose gold colour. Here have a look.

What the brand says –This silver plated Key shaped pendant is totally a statement piece which shows off your mysterious side. With sprinkling of bling this pendant is definitely a must have.

Size – 18″-20″ Inches

Price – 488rs (Currently the price on their website)

My Experience –  First of all i love how blinglane packs and send their products. Totally love their packaging…A white box filled with thermocol balls containing this classy pendant. As soon as i removed the pendant, i and my sister said in unison “waaaaooooow”. Yes the pendant looks so classy and rich. I love the design and the colour too. The shape is such that it looks like a real key. The whole day i kept admiring the pendant. Even my mom loved it. She liked it so much that she got ready to wear that in her kitty party. The pendant is luxurious and is of very good quality. This is the thing i love about blinglane that their products are of very high quality and looks every bit luxurious. This pendant can simply go with everything you wear whether you are wearing a western outfit or an ethnic one. Go ahead and buy this i bet you wont be disappointed. 

You can buy the pendant HERE

Thats all for now 🙂 

The Vanca- Inside the Peach

Can you guess from the title what i am talking about ? No? Well its a Jumpsuit in a nice peach colour from the brand TheVanca.
For me jumpsuits are love. You can just put them on and you are good to go. You dont have to worry about matching your top and bottoms. Jumpsuits make me look taller and defines my body so perfect. They are comfortable and easy to carry except when you have to run to the toilet. LOL
So last week i got a jumpsuit in peach colour from TheVanca. Here have a look


This gorgeous full length jumpsuit is crafted from polyester. It features a Dark blue shade half collar overlapped pattern. It has a long chain opening at the back. Its light in weight and though its polyester the quality of the material is good. Its comfortable and at the same time doesn’t compromises on the style quotient. Wear it for a brunch , a picnic  or weekend trips. Pair it with heels or even flats would work with this.
I love this jumpsuit. The pattern and the colour everything makes it altogether so stylish.
Here are a few pictures of me Inside the Peach






A closer look of the pattern. Just look at the half collar overlapped pattern. Looks so sexy. Isnt it 😀

Some shots from far ♥



Thats all ♥
Hope you like the Jumpsuit. You can shop this from HERE

Customize Your Imagination with CRAFTY CAT

Now a days , we all wish we could get our things customised…Even when it comes to gifting we prefer customised gifts. But in the markets you will not always find things as per your choice. But with this online store CRAFTY CAT you can now easily get a lot of things customised.
Crafty Cat is a Ludhiana based online store on instagram/facebook owned by two cat and craft lovers Harsimran & Diksha. Their collection includes –
♥Customised/personalised handmade Gifts, jewellery, home decor, handmade phone covers and much more  party and birthday things. They ship their creations in India and worldwide too.

Recently CraftyCats send me a Handmade Phone Case.
Yes this is handmade. Looks so perfect.  I love their work. It’s so neat with superb finishing and evrything is just so perfect about this Phone Case. The fact that it is handmade for me makes it so much more special. This phone cover costs 499 along with shipping. You can also get such phone covers customised from CraftyCat.
Here are few more pictures of me posing with the Phone Cover.




Hope you like the phone cover from Crafty Cats.
You can see their entire collection on instagram over HERE and place your order with them in case you want to shop. You can even contact them on FACEBOOK

One more thing readers, Crafty cat also has a youtube channel where they show you how to make handmade things, they also post about diy beauty tips and much more. So do check them out on YOUTUBE and please subscribe to their channel.

If you sell handmade things do mention your store name below. I would love to check it out 🙂 handmade things are love ♥

Casual Affair with

Hello Readers,
Recently i came across a new brand RoughApple.
RoughApple is a brand name of a small dedicated team aimed at delivering high quality apparel at economical rates to the youthful,trending group out there dying to make a fashion statement.
At you will find Casual Tshirts for both Men & Women. Apart from this they have cool stuff like Posters, Mugs, laptop skins, Mousepads, Notebooks with beautiful sayings/quotes.  They provide free shipping on all the orders and have an amazing service.
Check out their website Here

So last week the brand sent me a Tshirt from their collection. Here have a look

A 100% Cotton half sleeves round neck tshirt which has a design of elephant wearing pants and which reads ‘elepant’ .This adds a comedy element to the tshirt. I find this tee kinda cute and the red colour looks sexy. The material is good and the tshirt fits properly. Its a UniSex tshirt.
Buy the T-shirt HERE





Born Pretty Store Accessory Review

Hello Friends, hope you all are doing good and i wish you all a very happy & safe holi. 🙂
Today’s post is all about an accessory item from Born Pretty Store (BPS).
About BPS – Its an online store which sells almost everything. Whether you are a nail art addict or a jewellery junkie BPS has got it all for you. They sell nail art items, makeup & beauty, jewellery & accessories , watches, clothing & apparel and much more. You can check their site HERE Their products are of high quality & affordable at the same time. They ship worldwide & guess what shipping is free. Yayyyy !! They have excellent customer service & 30 days money back guarantee.  Woahh !! Its safe, secure & easy to order things fron BPS. Girls if you are born to be pretty then shop from BPS 😀

Coming Back to the review.
We all love accessories…Right? No outfit is complete without accessories. But its very important that you choose the right piece of accessory for your outfit. BPS has many pretty cool & fashion forward accessories. Check out their entire accessories collection HERE
Few weeks back i received 3 accessory items from BPS. However today i am only reviewing one item. Its the key shape necklace retro style heart pendant. Here have a look at it.




Details about the pendant.
Material: Alloy
Chain Length: 72cm
Pendant length: 8.5cm

My Experience: I totally & honestly love the quality of the pendant. I love it for it matches on almost all my outfits. It looks stylish on wearing & gives me that ‘CLASS’ feeling. Just look at the shape of the pendant. It looks like a real golden key. It can also make for a perfect gift for your lover. You can gift to your love and say you have the ‘key to my heart’ 🙂 You can buy it HERE

Here are few more pictures of me wearing the pendant



Thats all. Hope you loved the key pendant. Dont forget to shop from BPS. You can get 10℅ discount on your order by using my coupon code ‘POUK31’ Happy Shopping 🙂

Accessory- Born Pretty store
Outfit – Zara

For collaborations please mail me on Review

So many clothes in the wardrobe and still nothing to wear. This is the main problem with girls now a days. Thats because we girls dont like to wear the same outfit again & again or repeat the outfit. There is nothing wrong in repeating a outfit i say but We all want something different, something unique, something classy everytime we head out. If you also have wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear, well dont worry girl because THE STYLE DOOR (TSD) is here for you. Now you can rent your dream outfits from TSD. TSD has something for both Men & Women. Be it a party or a wedding TSD has got that perfect outfit for you. The bridge between dreaming of a fabulous outfit and wearing it should not be ownership, but access and that is where The Style Door steps in. Open the doors to sport a stylish, fresh look at every occasion. Let’s all say no to repeat, and yes to style.

How it works?

Choose any outfit that catches your fancy, from our collection. You can have the Indian outfits for about four to seven days, and the western outfits for three days.

To the right side of the screen is the scrolling feature, using which you can tell us the size required for the outfit. As promised, the dress will be altered before being delivered to you. In case there’s any confusion, you can always call for a sizing expert at your doorstep for extra charges. If you have a doubt about the dress size that will suit you the best, we also provide home trials! To avail this styling consultation, call +91 9167-662-444 in advance and get your perfect fit.

The fresh, boxed outfits will be delivered at your doorstep on the chosen day, before 3 PM. We’ll pick up the outfit on the day of return before 1 PM. Don’t worry about the dry-cleaning; it’s on us. 😉

Every time you rent an outfit you will be asked to pay the rent + a security deposit listed on the website. The security deposit amount is just a security that we keep while you have the outfit and will be returned to you in full once the outfit is returned on time and in good condition.

Suppose after receiving if you dont like the outfit then You can return the garment(s) with the delivery boy at the time of delivery or in case he has left, please intimate us within 24 hours of delivery for free return. 
You can choose any other outfit from the catalog or if you don’t like anything then we return you the money in full. ✌

My Experience With TSD: i choose a ethnic wear, a pink embroidered gown by yuti shah from TSD having a rental of 1100rs which is pretty much decent. I got the gown on 8th march at around 5pm. Have a look at the gown as shown on their website


When i got the gown i was totally in aww of it. It looked same as shown on their website. More prettier than it i would say. You will notice a slight colour difference due to editing and the lightning.



The fitting of the gown was on point. It was as if the gown has been made only for me. I always dream of wearing such gowns but never got a chance before. However with TSD i got my dream fullfilled. Apart from the outfit i totally love the way TSD deals with it customers. I got instant replies and got an answer to all my queries. The outfit was picked up from my house on 11th march at around 12pm. The security deposit amount was transferred imto my bank account within 48hrs. I had a nice experience with TSD and would rent more outfits with them in future. Currently TSD is only for Mumbai people. I wish it opens in other cities too. 🙂

If you wish to rent outfit from TSD visit their website You can also use the coupon code REFER100 to get a 20% discount on your first order.

Thats all. Hope you find this post helpful. If you have any suggestions or queries do comment below.

Pajjama Party: Pajamas All Day

Now make stylish & funky pajjamas a part of your wardrobe in various designs and bright & fun colours. Dont let your pajjamas be boring. Let them be as stylish as they are comfy. If you are looking for some cool pajjamas then you got to check out Pajjama Party.
Pajjama Party is a brand offering a range of funky, stylish, and wonderfully comfortable pajjamas in a variety of designs and patterns. They have something for every taste and preference possible. They sell pajjamas and comfort-wear that are a must-buy for all ages. Pajjama party have paid attention to the latest styles and trends and offer a range of pajjamas at unbelievable prices. Their collection reflects modern tastes and has the oomph and attitude that would make it attractive to the youth of today. They have a manufacturing unit in Delhi. The price range starts from Rs 399/- Pajjama Party has an android app with the same name. One stop solution for all the Pajjama needs. They also have leggings and are soon gonna launch shorts also.

Recently i received a pajjama from PP (pajjama party). Here have a look.


I totally love the bright yellow colour. It has designs that of moon, stars, rockets, satellite, planets all over it. Feels like i am in space 😀 The material is 100℅ cotton and the quality is superb. I spent the entire day in PP pajjamas reading a book & it felt damn good. Its comfortable, pretty & fun. Everything is better when you are in your pajjamas. So hop to the android app of PP and get yourself some cool pajjamas. They have so many designs and colours. Go check it out ✌☺



Lazying around in pajjamas

Drop your comments below. I love hearing from my followers & readers. ☺

Find Pajjama Party online:

Instagram handle : @pajjamaparty
Android app link:

Accessories For Your Fashion

Happy New Year friends & readers. Writing my first post of 2016 with fashion accessories. What a great start ☺

Accessorizing is the most fun part of an outfit. Accessories help enhance the entire look of the outfit & can make you look much more modern & polished. They are like a woman’s armour. They have the power to make you look Unique.
Few weeks back i received accessories from an online shopping store named SIN CLAIR based in navi mumbai. You can find them on facebook ( and instagram page @_sin_clair_) I received nearly 4-5 accessories. Few of which i have styled in previous blog post. Go check it out if you haven’t. The remaining accessories(2 long chains) i am going to show you with this post. One is the leopard long chain & the other one is Fox long chain. Trust me the quality of these accessories from Sin Clair is just superb. They look stylish & classy when worn. If you are looking for fashion forward accessories then you must check out SIN CLAIR.

Let me now show you how i have styled the long chains ☺
Lets start with the leopard chain. The leopard chain looks smart  and can be paired up with your casual outfit. It adds that up-to-date factor to your casual outfit 🙂





The second one is the fox long chain 🙂 Its so sharp, showy & modernistic and can be easily worn with your party outfits. Being white in colour it will match almost all your outfits.




Thats all 🙂 Hope you loved the accessories and the way i have styled it. Do follow SINCLAIR on their facebook page & shop with them. You wont be disappointed.

       Stay Stylish Stay Classy☺