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Duft Refreshing Wet Wipes Review

We all are aware of wet wipes. They are a common things now-a-days. They are used not just on the face but for many other purposes such as household cleaning, at workplace, personal care, even while travelling these wet wipes come handy. Earlier they were just a summer need but now they are used in day to day life.Yes there are many companies out there selling wet wipes but what matters is the quality. Today i am reviewing one such wet wipes.

Recently i came across wet wipes of an  Indian Brand called DUFT. Duft has 2Variants in wet wipes –
Aloe Vera & Cucumber

Refreshing Facial Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera and Cucumber

Duft- Aloevera & Cucumber wet wipes review

About: Cucumber which keeps the skin cool and refreshing. It helps remove dirt and impurities from the face and neck. Cucumber nourishes the skin from deep pores and leaves the skin breathing and gives a freshening feel.

Size: 200mm × 150mm
Price: 75rs for 25wipes
Best Before: 2years from mfg date
Material: Spun Lace Non Woven fabric

How did i find it? Used it on my face and found it pretty good. It doesn’t irritates my skin nor does it dries out my skin. Neither did it make my skin oily. No iritation nothing. It gently cleans the skin. Since these are alcohol free and paraben free it wont harm your skin. It has a nice scented smell which some of you might find strong. I also used this to clean my desk and it cleans pretty well. The packaging is good too since its resealable. You can easily carry this in your bag.

Rejuvenating Aqua Facial Wet Wipes

Duft: Aqua Facial Wet Wipes review

About: This one is loaded with Vit E which is the key ingredient for soft and smooth and glowing skin. It helps remove dirt and impurities from the face and neck. Vitamin E clears the skin and leaves it smooth, subtle and free flowing.

Size: 200mm × 150mm
Price: 75rs for 25wipes
Best Before: 2years from mfg date
Material: Spun Lace Non Woven fabric

My experience: Just like the Aloevera and cucumber this one is also gentle on the skin. I also used it to wipe out my makeup and it did the job well. This one is less scented as compared to aloevera & cucumber. For those who dont like strong scents should go for this. I also used this to clean my desk and it cleans easily. I dont have to struggle with it. The packaging is good too since its resealable. You can easily carry this in your bag.

✔ Alcohol free
✔ Paraben free
✔ Gentle on skin
✔ Resealable Pack
✔ Decently priced
✔ Multipurpose
✔ For all skin types (both variants)
✔ Mild scented (Aqua Variant)

Cons (not really a con for everyone)
❌I find the scent of Aloevera & Cucumber a bit overpowering. (Con only for those who dont like strong fragrance).
❌I wish they had packets of lesser wipes,say pack of 10 (for those who want to try at first) I only found pack of 25wipes on their website.

PLEASE NOTE: These wet wipes are not for personal hygiene ( As stated on the pack)

PNP Rating: 4/5

Buy from HERE
Also Available at – Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Shopclues


Hope you find this review helpful and enjoyed reading it.

If you use wet wipes do let me know of which brand do you use. Comment below. I would love to read your commmets. ♥☺

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Pee Safe Toilet seat sanitizer spray & Multi use wet wipes Review

Hello Readers today i bring you something very useful and important for all of us.  My blogs are always about beauty and fashion but this time i am reviewing something related to hygiene. Its the Pee Safe Toilet seat sanitizer spray & Multi use wet wipes.


Lets start with the review of toilet seat sanitizer spray.

What is Pee Safe Toilet seat sanitizer spray?


Pee Safe Toilet seat sanitizer spray is a spray which is used to disinfect the toilet seat. It eradicates harmful germs in just few sprays and also deodorizes the toilet seat. The spray comes in light weight tin bottle as you can see in the picture above. Its easy to use and carry. The spray has a nice pleasant smell which is not at all overpowering.

When & Why do you need it?
You may need this while travelling when you have to use public toilets. You can even use this in your toilets at home.
As we all know that public toilets are not always clean. Even if they appear clean they are actually not. Public toilets are used by hundreds of people everyday and many times people do not  flush the Public toilets. So chances of spreading germs are higher. You also have to hold your breathe while entering the public toilets because they smell that bad. This is where the Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray comes into picture. Pee Safe is the solution for this. It sanitizes and also removes unpleasant odour which is common in public toilets. Pee safe will ensure a safe and germ free toilet experience.


How to use the Pee Safe Toilet sanitizer spray?
The Pee Safe Toilet sanitizer spray is easy to use.
•Shake the bottle
•Spray on toilet seat keeping a distance of 25cms
•Wait for 5 seconds
•The toilet seat is now germ free and ready to use.

Price 99rs for 40ml
Best Before 3years from mfg date.

My Experience : I carried this spray along with me at my workplace. It easy to carry since the bottle is light weight. This 40ml bottle fits in my pocket. I sprayed it on the toilet seat and after an hour when i entered the toilet again the smell of the spray was still there. The smell is not at all overpowering. I am glad i came across this product. Because i just cant stand the dirty smell in the toilets. Earlier i use to remove my lipbalm and smell it in such situations. But with Pee Safe i dont have to worry anymore.

If you are also afraid to use public toilets & have to hold your breathe every time you enter a public toilet just like me then buy Pee Safe.

The next product is the Pee Safe Multi Use Wet Wipes


Pee safe multi use wet wipes provide protection from germs for your skin and surface, at home and on the go. They are ideal for instant clean ups of your hands and surfaces. These wipes can be used in restaurants before and after having food. These wipes remove dirt from furniture, cutleries. Keep these Wet Wipes handy with yourself when travelling or in office or anywhere. They are safe to use on skin. Being ph neutral they do not interfere with your skin’s natural protection.  These are alcohol free and gentle on skin.


Price 60rs for a pack of 10wet wipes.
Best Before 24months from mfg date.

You can buy these products from Shopclues, Safetykart, Amazon india

If you have any questions or queries regarding this products you can comment below and i will reply asap.